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Proposal for an HTTP ERR method Henry Story (Wednesday, 23 June)

Bad header syntax -- is this par for the course? Jamie Lokier (Wednesday, 23 June)

Content-Range question Mihail (Tuesday, 22 June)

Question about Content-Location Joris Dobbelsteen (Wednesday, 16 June)

Re: Hi (Saturday, 29 May)

Question about proxies forwarding HTTP/1.0 responses Jamie Lokier (Thursday, 27 May)

FYI: I-D ACTION:draft-dusseault-http-patch-02.txt Larry Masinter (Tuesday, 18 May)

FW: Last Call: 'SASL in HTTP/1.1' to Proposed Standard Larry Masinter (Saturday, 1 May)

PATCH thoughts... Justin Chapweske (Wednesday, 28 April)

Using OPTIONS for optional feature discovery -- advice Lisa Dusseault (Wednesday, 21 April)

Submitting errata Jamie Lokier (Thursday, 8 April)

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