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David Perrell wrote:
> How are inline CSS STYLE declarations handled? Seems to me the only
> difference between CSS and HTML inline declarations is that one has
> maximum precedence and the other minimum. Both are valid only within
> the specific element instance in which they're declared. Once effective
> attributes are resolved, trumped ones are discarded. Couldn't this be
> done in one parse of the document, once the effective stylesheet is
> resolved?

Not the way it's been defined.  That's the problem.  They did this
nasty thing in the definition you posted - they placed the properties
*between* the UA and the author's stylesheet.  I'm not convinced that
elements like FONT can even work with that definition.  It looks to me
as if *any* font-family property will turn off FONT FACE, or font-size
turns off FONT SIZE,  even if the properties are for a parent element, 
e.g. BODY or HTML.  Other properties,  like text-align,  are much less
problematic because they won't necessarily appear in the UA's style
> If you're doing dynamic HTML, don't you need an attribute structure for
> each instance of each element?

We don't do dynamic HTML yet,  but I do keep a full document structure
which has all the attributes for every element.  I've thought a bit
about how to handle dynamic property changes,  but not for this release.

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