NON-DELIVERY of: Re: null-values for css-properties?

You solution assumes that the author has perfect knowledge
about the style sheets that are used, and that they will not
change. I think it is important to allow the author to disable
certain properties/values WITHOUT him/her having complete
knowledge about the environment.

This problem becomes evident when you try to design a
word processor style GUI for HTML authoring software
supporting CSS... ;>)



From: Hakon Lie <howcome@w3.org>
To: Jonas Salling <salling@cooper.xanthus.se>
Cc: www-style@w3.org
Subject: null-values for css-properties?
Date: Monday, May 26, 1997 6:47 PM

Jonas Salling writes:

 > It seems to me that the CSS1 specification lacks a good
 > mechanism for disabling non-numeric properties like
 > text-decoration.
 > Let me give you an example, just to show what I mean
 > by "disabling":
 > P { text-decoration: underline blink; }
 > <P>I want this paragraph to be rendered according to
 > my style sheet except for the last two words, where
 > I don't want the <SPAN style: text-decoration: there
 > is no no-blink value!!!>blink property</SPAN>.</P>

Since the various values of properties don't inherit independently,
you could say:

  P { text-decoration: underline blink }
  SPAN { text-decoration: underline }

  <P>I want this paragraph to be rendered according to
  my style sheet except for the last two words, where
  I don't want the <SPAN>blink property</SPAN>.</P>

The fact that underline is not set on the SPAN element means it will
not blink.



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Subject: Re: null-values for css-properties?
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