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xml security lecture / paper / chapter Amir Herzberg (Thursday, 29 November)

Deep Extension Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 28 November)

xmlenc Call 13:00 EST 20011203 Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 28 November)

XML Encryption Comments Dournaee, Blake (Tuesday, 27 November)

No Call Today Joseph Reagle (Monday, 26 November)

Algorithms Section update Donald E Eastlake 3rd (Monday, 26 November)

Re: Comments on WD-xmlenc-core-20011018 Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 21 November)

Notice of "Found" Patent Claim Joseph Reagle (Wednesday, 21 November)

Minutes of 011119-tele Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Monday, 19 November)

Re: Fwd: Re: [linux-elitists] W3C last call on XML Encryption... (fwd) Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Friday, 16 November)

xmlenc Call 13:00 EST 20011119 Joseph Reagle (Thursday, 15 November)

An issue and a typo in Decryption Transform Oct 18th draft Amir Herzberg (Wednesday, 14 November)

<AgreementMethod> questions Dournaee, Blake (Wednesday, 14 November)

Minor comments for Last Call drafts of 20011018 Susan Lesch (Friday, 2 November)

CarriedKeyName Dournaee, Blake (Tuesday, 13 November)

Nonce and key wrap Jiandong Guo (Tuesday, 6 November)

Re: Minor comments on the spec Takeshi Imamura (Monday, 12 November)

Comments XML Enc Req 20011018, numbering Stefan Schumacher (Sunday, 11 November)

Decryption Transform Specification Donald E. Eastlake 3rd (Sunday, 11 November)

XML Encryption implementation updated Takeshi Imamura (Tuesday, 6 November)

Nonce Handling Dournaee, Blake (Monday, 5 November)

Encryptor and Decryptor Reinhardt (Saturday, 3 November)

Encrypting IV in ECB Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Saturday, 3 November)

Forward: Simplifying PKI and PMI configuration Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Friday, 2 November)

Re: What padding do we use? Takeshi Imamura (Friday, 2 November)

RE: 168 vs 192 bit using 3DES Hallam-Baker, Phillip (Thursday, 1 November)

RE: Question about EncryptedType Eastlake III Donald-LDE008 (Thursday, 1 November)

Decryption Transform comments Frederick Hirsch (Thursday, 1 November)

Re: 168 vs 192 bit using 3DES Christian Geuer-Pollmann (Thursday, 1 November)

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