Re: Encryptor and Decryptor


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> I want to ask about encryptor and decryptor (XML Encryption
> Syntax and Processing, Section 4.1 and 4.2).
> 1. What programming languange do I choose for developing
> encryptor  and decryptor ?

The "XML Encryption Syntax and processing" specification does not mandate a 
specific programming language!

It's up to you whether you use C++, Perl, Java, Phyton or Assembler. Of 
cource, you have to choose a language that offers you the opportunity to 
get nice XML tools for it. Many people who want to implement demonstration 
programs in the field of XML or cryptography prefer JAVA because of it's 
nice XML tools ( and it's support for plugging in 
cryptographic providers ( or something 

It's YOUR choice.

> 2. What best algorithms do I choose for developing encryptor
> and decryptor on Table of Algorithm in Section 5 ?

Hm? The only class of algorithms that is not specified is the stream cipher 
section. When the spec talks about things like RSA-OAEP, AES-128-CBC or 
Triple-DES-CBC, this IS the name of the algorithm to be used? Maybe I 
misunderstood the question?


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