Re: Nonce Handling

I think the Schema is left over from when the actual nonce value was
present in the attribute. It should probably be of type "integer". And,
yes, the nonce needs to be prepended to the plaintext.


From:  "Dournaee, Blake" <>
Message-ID:  <>
To:  XML Encryption WG <>
Date:  Sun, 4 Nov 2001 17:09:05 -0800 

>Hello All,
>I am still unclear on how the nonce value is dealt with in <CipherData>. The
>schema definition says that the attribute value is supposed to be Base-64
>encoded binary value, but there is no mention of the actual value itself. Is
>it just an integer length of the nonce? If so, why even bother with encoding
>Also, this sentence is confusing (Section 3.2):
>"The optional Nonce attribute specifies the presence and length of a nonce
>value that is prepended to the CipherValue or data identified by the
>This isn't exactly correct - the nonce is prepended to the plain-text, not
>the cipher text, correct? (Maybe I am wrong.)
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