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315-ga-3: Typo in example

Authentication Code: Examples C1.2, C1.3

Confusing 8.1

Confusing Minor result codes table

Current XKRSS test cases

Defining new XKRSS test cases

Email Signing Technology Group (MASS)


Fwd: PGPData

Gay eye for the straight guy - rolex

implementations for the interop. status report paper

Issue: 326-jk: Using a neutral XKMS service in the examples

Minutes online

New Schema Support

New schema support and new features

Non-deterministic compound requests...

OCSP action

Proposed additional interop test cases

report site closed



telecon reminder

Test scenarios for security bindings / editing required?

updated specs

updated the issues list

WS-Reliability specification submitted for OASIS Standard

XKISS-T7: Asynchronous Test

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