Proposed additional interop test cases

> AI: propose additional interop tests

1) SOAP binding related tests.

Test that SOAP envelopes of wrong versions are rejected with appropriate
fault indications as per [1] section 3.4 and subsesctions.  This can
be achieved by
sending a SOAP 1.1 envelope to a SOAP 1.2 endpoint and by sending SOAP
1.2 envelope to
a SOAP 1.1 endpoint.

Test that unsupported Header's marked with MusterUnderstand = 1/true
are rejected with
appropriate fault indications as per [1] section 3.4 and subsesctions.

2) Additional (general) tests that can be applied to all XKMS request types:

Test that
 - OpaqueClientData.OpaqueData is correctly returned; use OpaqueData
multiplicity > 1
 - RequestSignatureValue is correctly returned for signed request
 - RequestSignatureValue is not returned when request signature does
not validate
 - ResultMajor=NoAuthentication is received for requests for which
signature validation fails
 - ResultMajor=TooManyResponses is received for requests indicating a
ResponseLimit less than the
   available number of key bindings, and that the indicated number key
bindings are returned in the result

3) XKISS tests

Locate/Validate with QueryKeyBinding with RetrievalMethod for rawX509Certificate

4) XKRSS tests

Two phase RegisterRequest
Two phase ReissueRequest
Two phase RecoverRequest
Two phase RevokeRequest

Asynchronous RegisterRequest 
Asynchronous ReissueRequest
Asynchronous RecoverRequest
Asynchronous RevokeRequest

RevokeRequest authenticated by HMAC signature
Revoke authenticated by private key signature

RegisterRequest with DSA key
ReissueRequest with DSA key
RevokeRequest with DSA key

5) Compound tests

Compound request with XKRSS synchronous inner requests
Compound request with XKRSS asynchronous inner requests
Compound request with both XKISS and XKRSS inner requests
Twophase CompoundRequest
Asynhronous CompoundRequest



Received on Tuesday, 23 November 2004 08:54:03 UTC