Re: Proposed additional interop test cases

Hi Tommy, all,

I will be glad to collaborate with you to write these tests during the
next days, if the WG agrees to include them in the test-suite doc,
during today's telecon or in the mailing list.

I agree that these tests are needed and would successfully cover many of
the features and assertions that had not been covered before.

One issue I would like to mention, though. For the X-KISS test
collection we didn't perform two-phase and asynch. processing for both
Locate and Validate. I was thinking that maybe we should take the same
approach and define tests with different processing modes only for a
certain operation, but not for all. What do you [Tommy, guys] think?

> 4) XKRSS tests
> Two phase RegisterRequest
> Two phase ReissueRequest
> Two phase RecoverRequest
> Two phase RevokeRequest
> Asynchronous RegisterRequest 
> Asynchronous ReissueRequest
> Asynchronous RecoverRequest
> Asynchronous RevokeRequest

Received on Tuesday, 23 November 2004 15:25:13 UTC