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Human Markup Language - Initiative/Announcement Ranjeeth Kumar Thunga (Friday, 23 February)

Webizing XHTML Classes Sean B. Palmer (Monday, 26 February)

ANN: Information Validation (check.theinfo.org) Aaron Swartz (Tuesday, 20 February)

Las mejores fotos del Mundial de Seven de Mar del Plata 2001 PHOTO-DELIVERY.com (Friday, 16 February)

XML for Finanacial Services Amy Key (Wednesday, 14 February)

Re: Error in WWW history Dan Connolly (Friday, 16 February)

Comments on `Common User Agent Problems' document Koen Holtman (Friday, 16 February)

more for http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/NOTE-cuap-20010206 Paul Mansfield (Friday, 9 February)

HTTP Uploading John-Paul Gignac (Friday, 9 February)

RE: WWW Notes [the rant] Bullard, Claude L (Len) (Thursday, 8 February)

Common User Agent Problems Doc error Michael Harings (Thursday, 8 February)

RE: WWW Notes (Big Rant Follows: working people ignore) Bullard, Claude L (Len) (Thursday, 8 February)

WWW Notes Sean B. Palmer (Thursday, 8 February)

XML/XHTML User Agent Problems Simon St.Laurent (Thursday, 8 February)

RE: writing a proxy Finn Ellebaek Nielsen (Wednesday, 7 February)

Re: Cannot render MathML William F. Hammond (Friday, 2 February)

proposal for new editorial practice Cem Karan (Thursday, 1 February)

mailto: links being converted to lowercase Colin Gibb (Wednesday, 31 January)

Micropayment Methods Bhavesh Shah (Monday, 29 January)

USITS 2001 - Program Now On-Line Sasha Keller (Friday, 12 January)

Lingua Franca of the Web - Will SVG replace HTML? AndrewWatt2001@aol.com (Sunday, 21 January)

Temp Redirect & relative URI's Russell O'Connor (Saturday, 20 January)

WWW: Interoperability Crisis? Sean B. Palmer (Saturday, 20 January)

Electronic Payment Protocols Bhavesh Shah (Wednesday, 17 January)

cells with fixed width Hegyvari Krisztian (Tuesday, 16 January)

Content-Length in multipart/related Luca Di Luzio (Friday, 12 January)

First European UIML conference Didier Courtaud (Friday, 12 January)

Transparent Content Negotiation & Search Engine Indexation. Vincent-Olivier Arsenault (Friday, 5 January)

Technical Internet Advancements for White House Internet Strategies Steven Clift (Thursday, 4 January)

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