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[Fwd: simple barenames for schema component designators] last call: "XML Schema: Component Designators" [abstractComponentRefs-37]

[httpRange-14] Namespace names, Namespace Documents and HTTP URI.

[www-tag] <none>

[xri] Clarifications

abstract XML and bytes-on-the-wire interoperability

Agenda of 12 April TAG teleconference

Agenda of 26 April 2005 TAG teleconference

Andrew Layman and Don Box Analysis of XML Optimization Techni ques

Andrew Layman and Don Box Analysis of XML Optimization Techniques

Comments for XRI should go to web form

Completion of action item re: XBC

Dave Orchard individual review of XBC for the TAG

Do you have Web Architecture educational materials to share?

Draft Agenda 5 April 2005 [with text version]

Draft agenda of 19 April TAG teleconference

Draft Agenda of 5 April 2005 TAG teleconference

Draft minutes of 19 April 2005 telcon

educational materials page started

for names consisting of an adiminstrative hierarchy and a path, HTTP/DNS is as good as it gets

HTTPRange-14 (was RE: TAG directions)

httpRange-14: some dimensions of space of positions

Implementing 'new' schemes using HTTP and DNS

Links to emails on URIs changing

Minutes from telcon of 2005-03-29

minutes TAG 5 Apr for review


new issue? squatting on link relationship names, x-tokens, registries, and URI-based extensibility

nice article on whenToUseGet-7: "End HTTP abuse"

Question for TAG about base URIs

Request for extension of the XRI review period

SWBPD WG Resolution Regarding httpRange-14

TAG directions

Tag minutes from April 12, 2005 for review.

URIs as names-for-reference vs locations-for-access

XML validity and namespaces

XRI 2.0 Review by the W3C TAG

XSL/XML Query functions and operators namespace document

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