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[PROPOSAL] Looking for contributors to write a modular book on SVG in French

Added support for Media Fragment Identifiers

behaviour of lengthAdjust="spacing" when glyphs are wider than the textLength=""

class attribute text suggests that text colours can be modified with the CSS color property

continuing (or not) to mint new integer constants for existing IDL attributes

CSS selectors with elements and/or classes outside and inside a <use>

defining how SVG DOM text methods take into account textLength=""

forcing element height to scale

inheritance of visibility from group

Meeting minutes 11-7-2013 SVG WG

minutes, 25 July 2013 SVG WG telcon

path data bug to be fixed in 2.0?

Removing xml namespace prefix

should textLength="0" disable rendering?

SVG and getCurrentTime

svg for world map

SVG Tiny 1.2 specification: Non-scaling stroke

two thoughts on lengthAdjust="" modes

UA stylesheet should require overflow: visible, not hidden

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