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<use> symbol & XMLHttpRequest

[Bug 4895] base64 encoding does not allow whitespace

[Bug 4895] Whitespace is not valid in a URI, even if that URI contains embedded base64-encoded data.

[Bug 4896] Can't create a bugzilla attachment with content type image/svg+xml

[Fwd: [Bug 4888] Clarify text striping and consolidation of white space characters for nested xml:space]

[Inkscape-user] Equivalent to Illustrator's Gradient Mesh?

[SVG 1.1] BackgroundImage and alpha compositing

[SVG1.1] feDiffuseLighting calculation does not define I(x,y)

animate symbol

animation timing and accessibility.

Animations in svg

Copy and Paste SVG

Error on SVG homepage

questions about <animation> element for svg 1.2 tiny

Regarding viewport question

scale issue: <use> symbol & XMLHttpRequest

SVG Filters and SVG Print specifications published

SVG Public Issue Tracker

SVG, RDF and Clipboard Operations for the Web 1.0: Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop.

SVG12: IRI Processing rules and xlink:href

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