Re: animate symbol

Directly? Why not to animate the viewBox element? 
Maybe you have to set the property overflow to 
something useful fitting to your intention.
If the first symbol has to remain constant, it is 
possible to put the content of the symbol inside
a defs in a g element and reference this g element
in two symbols, one animated, one not, to reuse
the content. 

Another way is to put the source code to be reused in an entity definition
in the 'doctype tag' and use this entity whereever you need it.
Of course for this method you need this, currently missing in your

It is may be a simplification too, to use an animateTransform 
for example on the use or a parent g element with scaling and or translation
(for translation animateMotion too) to get a similar effect with less
animation elements.

There are several methods to gain the same or a similar effect with
more or less source code or thinking or with different animation 
elements and animations of different complexity, this may help
viewers having an incomplete animation support.

Received on Wednesday, 11 July 2007 10:09:54 UTC