questions about <animation> element for svg 1.2 tiny

I have few questions regarding the <animation> element for SVG 1.2 tiny
.. .
Please let me know if  any of my questions are not clear enough. 
1. Can an <animation> element refer to a SVG document that inturn
contains scripting, hyperlinking to animations or any externally
referenced 'use' or 'animation' elements. ? As per my understanding from
the spec it can. 
2. If a doc has 2 <animation> elements and each refers to the same SVG
Doc, should we have two duplicate copies to that doc ? is this allowed ?
>From my understanding it can. 
3. After establishing the viewport for the <animation> element, when we
pan the Master document, should the viewport of the <animation> element
pan along with the other elements ? or should the viewport remain in
this place and only the elements of the master doc and elements of the
referred doc be panned ? 
4. Is pan, zoom, and other user interactions independent for the Master
doc and the refered doc ? I mean if I am panning an element in the
master doc, do referred doc elements get panned too ? or do we need to
have two different transformation matrix for the mater doc and the
referred doc ? do we need two graphical contexts ? Please explain. 
I would greatly appreciate your quick response. 

Received on Monday, 30 July 2007 12:41:04 UTC