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about container Fang Wei (Thursday, 30 September)

rdfs:label and rdfs:comment Mark Seaborne (Thursday, 30 September)

Use of "about" in RDF-Schema? Karsten Tolle (Thursday, 30 September)

Rate your resource on the CodeCranker webmaster@codecranker.com (Wednesday, 29 September)

Buy 1 Book (African American) & Get 2nd FREE! Our-Product (Thursday, 23 September)

Cambridge Communiqué Renato Iannella (Tuesday, 21 September)

Your Link Was Added to the CodeCranker webmaster\@codecranker.com@pup7.conepuppy.com (Sunday, 19 September)

website hosting only $9.95/mo. the_one_host@bigfoot.com (Saturday, 18 September)

Link Added webmaster\@codecranker.com@pup7.conepuppy.com (Saturday, 11 September)

RDF Schema to Flogic Fang Wei (Tuesday, 31 August)

RDF M & S specification John McKeown (Monday, 30 August)

200,000 African American Email Addresses . . . Interesting Stuff (Wednesday, 25 August)

laser printer toner advertising art123@ureach.com (Monday, 23 August)

List items in SiRPAC - problem and bugfix Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Friday, 20 August)

reification in SiRPAC Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Thursday, 19 August)

HOT NEW BUSINESS FOR YOUR AREA! pplegal@hotmail.com (Thursday, 19 August)

Question about subproperties Pierre-Antoine CHAMPIN (Tuesday, 17 August)

Is this A Windup? John Day (Saturday, 14 August)

likely bug in SiRPAC; implicit Descriptions Ralph R. Swick (Tuesday, 10 August)

Question about the abbrev. RDF:Alternative grammar syntax Renato Iannella (Thursday, 5 August)

quoting is not higher-order Dan Connolly (Monday, 2 August)

RDF to F-logic Fang Wei (Thursday, 29 July)

RDF attributes & non-prefixed attributes Olivier Marce (Tuesday, 27 July)

Re:Description vs. Class astrid storr (Tuesday, 27 July)

RDF Query Archana Soparkar (Tuesday, 27 July)

Literals Jonas Liljegren (Tuesday, 27 July)

XML Namespaces vs. RDF Perry A. Caro (Tuesday, 20 July)

Re: locator syntax, resources, etc. David G. Durand (Monday, 19 July)

Patch gcberry@us.ibm.com (Friday, 16 July)

Order in attribute-list? Karsten Tolle (Wednesday, 14 July)

GINF 1.1a release Sergey Melnik (Wednesday, 14 July)

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