Re: Question about subproperties

"Ralph R. Swick" wrote:
>   "If some property P2 is a subPropertyOf another more general
>    property P1, and if a resource A has a P2 property with a value B,
>    this implies that the resource A also has a P1 property with value B."
> Therefore B must be a permissible value for -- i.e. in the range of --
> both P1 and P2.
> For a specific value B1 to be a permitted value of P1 it must have
> type C1 and similarly to be a permitted value of P2 it must have
> type C2:

ok for the range now, but the domain is a bit more tricky.

If we have
  (rdf:domain, P1, C1)
  (rdf:domain, P1, C2)
  (P1, r1, r2)
then r1 must have rdf:type C1 OR C2. Ok.

If we add
  (rdfs:subPropertyOf, P2, P1)
  (rdf:domain, P2, C3)
  (rdf:domain, P2, C4)
  (P2, r3, r4)
what is the rule :
  r3 must have rdf:type C1, C2, C3 or C4
  r3 must have rdf:type C1 or C2, and it must have rdf:type C3 or C4
                        ^^^^^^^^                            ^^^^^^^^
                      because of P1                       because of P2

the second is more complicated, but looks also more logical to me...

  thanks for help


Received on Monday, 27 September 1999 04:04:35 UTC