Re: RDF attributes & non-prefixed attributes

At 05:28 PM 7/27/99 +0200, Olivier Marce wrote:
>As it has been several times mentionned before, there is still an ambiguity in
>the NameSpace handling for non-prefixed attributes.
>The question can be resumed by the following:
>Are <foo:bar id=""> and <foo:bar foo:id=""> equivalent, given any namespace
>"foo" ?
>My understanding is they are not.

There is no ambiguity.  

The spec *allows* but does not *require* <foo:bar id=""> and 
<foo:bar foo:id=""> to be considered identical by namespace-sensitive
applications.  This was a careful decision - requiring equivalence was
also a reasonable thing to do, but on balance the current design was
considered more useful by the WG.  -Tim

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