likely bug in SiRPAC; implicit Descriptions

Taka Ohto just showed me an example of what we both agree is
valid RDF/XML but SiRPAC misinterprets it:

 <RDF xmlns=""
      xmlns:x="x/" xmlns:y="y/">
  <Description about="a">
   <x:x y:y="v"/>

This says 

  a -- x/x --> <unnamed-resource> -- y/y --> "v"


 "a has x/x <unnamed-resource>" and "<unnamed-resource> has y/y 'v'".

But SiRPAC creates an extra unnamed resource ("genid4"):

{'x/x', 'online#a', 'online#genid4'}
{'y/y', 'online#genid3', 'v'}

Received on Tuesday, 10 August 1999 13:44:55 UTC