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[CfP] process proposal for a special meeting or meetings for fact-finding on issues related to @alt in HTML5

[STYLEGUIDE] Updated AutoComplete proposal

[wai-xtech] <none>

alertdialog versus dialog questions, also modal versus non-modal

All about Fluid

ARIA as stop-gap (was Re: Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion)

Aria Roles vs. Keyboard Shortcuts in the DHTML Style Guide

Comparison of Fluid's Reorderer and DHTML Style Guide

Correct sequence for IMG element inside an <A> element regarding title attribute

DHTML Style Guide Listbox Proposal

DHTML Style Guide meeting Tomorrow, July 1 at 12 noon Eastern

DHTML Style Guide Next Meeting July 1


IFRAME Accessibility Inquiry

ISSUE: ARIA 5.14 Draft, Section 2.5, list item 3. keyboard navigation for all users, not just for the disabled

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 Draft, "Use a host language feature" meaning unclear.

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 Draft, Figure 1.0 is unclear and poorly styled. Perhaps unnecessary.

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 draft, Section 2.2 needs example or clarification

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 draft, Section 2.3, focus on 'last' active descendant needs clarification

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 Draft, Section 2.5, list item 4. Example wording is a little obtuse.

ISSUE: ARIA 5/14 Draft, Section 2.6, groups/relationships wording unclear

ISSUE: ARIA Draft UA Conformance

ISSUE: ARIA Draft XHTML Example outdated

ISSUE: ARIA Draft: definition of AT

ISSUE: difference between marquee and log in ARIA draft

ISSUE: Roles in ARIA draft split up into too many lists/sublists.

ISSUE: States should just be Properties with isDynamic=True

Next steps for the ARIA syntax discussion

Proposal: ARIA-ROLE & CSS definition integration

Request for Comments on Widgets 1.0 Requirements Last Call WD

Request for PFWG WAI review of @summary for tabular data

TAG concensus reached on ARIA implementation.

TAG Finding: Associating Resources with Namespaces

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