RE: Proposal: ARIA-ROLE & CSS definition integration

At 1:10 AM -0400 6/10/08, Justin James wrote:
>  > Interesting, but nothing at all to do with the SWeb project/goals. You are
>still talking > about human/human communication here. The SWeb goal is to
>perform work without human
>>  intervention or communication being necessary. Perhaps 'inference web'
>would have been a > better term, but we are stuck with 'semantic web' now.
>This is how I have always view "Semantic Web". A non-special needs user of a
>standard Web browser doesn't need HTML to figure out when red, bold text
>means "important" and when it means "this field on this form is required."
>That Web browser application *does* need semantic tags to act differently on
>red, bold text that should be "important" text as opposed to indicated a
>required form field; so does a search engine, and so do a lot of other
>"interesting" applications.

Um... well, that might be one use of SWeb ideas. But that's not what 
the SWeb is primarily *about*, and that is a very narrow sense of 
'semantic'. Most of the SWeb is concerned with stuff that, ideally, 
humans will never see and that itself has a semantics which has 
nothing at all to do with documents or colors of fonts.

Just wanting to keep the terminology straight, not wanting to start 
an argument :-)


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