ISSUE: Roles in ARIA draft split up into too many lists/sublists.

I had a hard time reading the ARIA Draft due to the fact that the  
lists of roles are split up into so many lists seemingly organized by  
minutia. Roles that fit in multiple categories are sometimes split so  
that an explanation of the role is in one list and the specification  
of that role is in another list. It's quite confusing.

I'd argue that, when an author is looking for the right role to use,  
he'd be better served by looking at one master list rather than trying  
to find the right list or lists to look in, while looking for a role  
that may exist in another list. I'm not proposing that all the  
categorizations be removed, but the categorized lists should just  
reference the master list, instead of splitting up the master list  
into categorized sections.

I propose an easier, more readable, and more understandable version is  
to list all the roles (including abstract roles) with their full  
written description and full specification in one definitive list. The  
other lists (such as the "abstract vs non-abstract" or "structure vs  
interface" categorizations) can still exist, but should only reference  
those roles by name, and those lists of names would link into the  
definitive list for details of that role.


Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 01:40:13 UTC