All about Fluid


At last Tue DTHML style guide call, you asked if I could supply some 
information about Fluid.  Here is a summary of the project, and some 
links apropos the current drag-and-drop discussions.

Fluid is an open source collaborative effort to improve the usability 
and accessibility of web applications.  The primary clients are academic 
software such as Sakai ( and uPortal 
(  User interface "pain points" within these 
environments are identified and  reworked in order to make the UI more 
intuitive. An important aspect of Fluid is that it begins with 
investigating the user experience, and implements a solution based on 
the results of that inquiry.

The main web site is:

The Reorderer is a set of JavaScript objects that allow users to 
rearrange content on a page.  Rearrangement is accomplished either by 
mouse-based or keyboard-based drag-and-drop.  Working demos are found in 
Fluid's wiki:

A brief description of the Reorderer is given here:

The Fluid daily build site has examples of using the Reorderer in more 
real-world situations:

Preparing this email has inspired me to compare the Reorderer's keyboard 
based drag-and-drop with the DHTML style guide.  I 'll email that 
comparison to wai-xtech on Mon.

Have a good weekend.


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