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Agenda: Distributed Meeting 2009-06-02 v2 Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 29 May)

Re: ACTION-239: Investigate alternative source for material in X9.62 Magnus Nyström (Wednesday, 27 May)

ACTION-287: Align XMLENC 1.1 with XMLDSIG 1.1 Magnus Nyström (Wednesday, 27 May)

Size of r and s in ECDSA Pratik Datta (Friday, 22 May)

Draft minutes from May 13 Pratik Datta (Thursday, 21 May)

Fwd: Public Review of XACML v3.0 Core and Profiles Thomas Roessler (Thursday, 21 May)

Key Transport with ECC keys in XML Encryption 1.1 Pratik Datta (Wednesday, 20 May)

Rewrite of Encryption, 5.6, first paragraph (ISSUE-99; ACTION-292) Thomas Roessler (Wednesday, 20 May)

ACTION-286: Remove references to DTDs Scott Cantor (Wednesday, 20 May)

Fwd: Minimal Canonicalization Pratik Datta (Monday, 18 May)

Agenda: Distributed Meeting 2009-06-02 Frederick Hirsch (Saturday, 16 May)

Proposed Signature 1.1 warning re serialization Frederick Hirsch (Saturday, 16 May)

updated Best Practices per ACTION-295 Frederick Hirsch (Saturday, 16 May)

Updated Best Practices sample dos_toomanytranforms.xml ACTION-174 Pratik Datta (Friday, 15 May)

REQ FOR COMMENTS: OASIS DSS-X TC profile for visible signatures committee draft Juan Carlos Cruellas (Thursday, 14 May)

Compatibility story for RetrievalMethod and Reference in v2 Thomas Roessler (Wednesday, 13 May)

Re: ACTION-259 Propoal for the C14N spec change wrt. namespace nodes Pratik Datta (Wednesday, 13 May)

Key Encapsulation presentation Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 13 May)

Agenda: F2F Day 2, 14 May Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 13 May)

ACTION-270: compare text of IEFT encryption to that in current draft Magnus Nyström (Tuesday, 12 May)

C14N simplification next steps Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 11 May)

ACTION-248: RFC strawman for additional algorithms Thomas Roessler (Monday, 11 May)

Plans for an updated excl c14n? Scott Cantor (Monday, 11 May)

Agenda: F2F 12-13 May 2009 (v3) Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 11 May)

XML Signature section 6.4.2: Wrong ASN.1 designator for non sha-1 hashes? Thomas Roessler (Monday, 11 May)

Proposed erratum: SHA-256 for XML Signature 1.0 (ACTION-269) Thomas Roessler (Monday, 11 May)

URGENT - confreq tomorrow and Wednesday Thomas Roessler (Monday, 11 May)

Agenda: F2F 12-13 May 2009 (v2) Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 11 May)

Fwd: The RELAX NG schema for XML-Signature Frederick Hirsch (Monday, 11 May)

"XML Signature Object Example" referenced in the XML Signature specifications Ed Simon (Sunday, 10 May)

Updated interop wiki Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 8 May)

Re: Pratik's note on constrained implementation. Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 8 May)

ECDSA, "plain" vs "non-plain" Thomas Roessler (Wednesday, 6 May)

Updated Best Practices editors draft Frederick Hirsch (Wednesday, 6 May)

Re: Additional algorithm URIs (Re: XML Security Algorithm Cross-Reference) (ACTION-248) Thomas Roessler (Tuesday, 5 May)

Proposal for more efficient C14N Pratik Datta (Tuesday, 5 May)

Performance numbers for C14N Pratik Datta (Monday, 4 May)

Agenda: Distributed Meeting 2009-05-05 v2 Frederick Hirsch (Friday, 1 May)

LCWD of Widgets 1.0: Digital Signatures published 30-Apr-2009 Arthur Barstow (Friday, 1 May)

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