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[MMSEM-UC] Usecases, Interoperability issues and discussion VassilisTzouvaras (Wednesday, 31 January)

regrets: [MMSEM] Agenda 1st February Roberto Ellero (Wednesday, 31 January)

[MMSEM] Agenda 1st February Telecon 1700 UTC Raphaël Troncy (Wednesday, 31 January)

Some thoughts on the general interoperability framework issue & more specifically the Mulimedia Semantics Authoring UC Erik Mannens (Wednesday, 31 January)

Multiple pass apologies + Book Chapter, indications of interest Giovanni Tummarello (Thursday, 25 January)

[MMSEM] Follow-up telecon (usage of DOAP/ RDF & Tools pages) Hausenblas, Michael (Friday, 19 January)

[MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 18/01/2007 Hausenblas, Michael (Friday, 19 January)

[MMSEM-Liaison] SKOS News Hausenblas, Michael (Thursday, 18 January)

regrets (Thursday, 18 January)

[MMSEM] Telecon minutes of 11/01/2007 Hausenblas, Michael (Thursday, 18 January)

18 Jan telecon Hobson Paola-BPH001 (Thursday, 18 January)

[MMSEM] Agenda 18 Janaury Telecon 1700 UTC Raphaël Troncy (Wednesday, 17 January)

Introducing XG members: Zeljko Obrenovic Zeljko Obrenovic (Wednesday, 17 January)

[MMSEM] Admin: Zeljko in, Jacco out Jacco van Ossenbruggen (Wednesday, 17 January)

RE: Poposal for a WWW panel - first draft Chris Poppe (Tuesday, 16 January)

[MMSEM] MPEG-7 action ... Hausenblas, Michael (Saturday, 13 January)

Regrets Stamatia Dasiopoulou (Thursday, 11 January)

Re: Multimedia Semantics XG: participation to teleconf today Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 11 January)

Regrets for today Jan 11 Telecon Pasquale Popolizio (Thursday, 11 January)

[MMSEM] Agenda of Jan 11, 2007 Telecon Jeff Z. Pan (Thursday, 11 January)

Telecon 11 Jan Hobson Paola-BPH001 (Wednesday, 10 January)

Actions before the coming Telecon Jeff Z. Pan (Sunday, 7 January)

Ookles Raphaël Troncy (Thursday, 4 January)

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