Multiple pass apologies + Book Chapter, indications of interest

Greetings all

first of all let me express my public and humble apologizes for  
disappairing from the scene. There are a number of reasons behind  
this, one being we're not w3c members officialy and delays will ..  
delay this further to the point where i realy not feel confident.  
Others have to do with our personal situations.. anyway we hope to  
come back and be able to contribute more.

In the meanwhile.. here is a small contribution in terms of  
dissemination of the results so far or of the potential results.
I have been given a change to write a chapter on a possibly incoming  
book by springer. The chapter is 5 to 12 pages long. I have so far  
given it the following title and abstract..


Title: Multimedia Semantics and the Semantic Web Initiatives: Status,  
Use Cases and Challenges

Abstract: Efforts for greater Multimedia Semantics interoperabiliy  
are currently undergoing in at least two major independent yet  
coordinated initiatives. In this overview article we describe the  
motivation and rationale of such efforts, and report on the current  
status of the activity. Such report includes notable use cases that  
have emerged as well as the first solutions that were proposed. Older  
solutions were based on XML Schema tecnologies. Based on the first  
results of these efforts, Semantic Web based solutions appear to be  
characterized by increased simplicity and increased matching between  
the conceptual tools and the use cases of interest.


.. and with this mail i seek indications of interest about  
contributions. I think the end chapter could be of use for  
dissaminating the work here.. and could be a basis for an article on  
the special number of JWS with multimedia semantics as a theme.
Who would interested in (actively.. possibly on google docs)  
participating in such chapter and or article?

Received on Thursday, 25 January 2007 15:15:20 UTC