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(late) Draft minutes of telcon 2006/10/24

[closed]Re: publication of sawsdl spec

[Fwd: WSDL WG Last Call comments on SAWSDL]

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2006/10/03

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2006/10/17

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2006/10/24

Agenda for SAWSDL telcon 2006/10/31

Announcing updates to Semantic Tools for Web Services on Alphaworks

CFP: YR-SOC 2007

clarification issue: combining modelReference with attrExtensions/modelReference?

Draft minutes of telcon 2006/10/03

Draft minutes of telcon 2006/10/17

generic element for attribute canonicalization

publication of sawsdl guide

SAWSDL Implementations?

SAWSDL Last Call

Scapa Technologies

Semantic Annotations for WSDL document

some SAWSDL examples can be found at

Typo/Grammatical Errors in SAWSDL Spec

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