Re: [Fwd: WSDL WG Last Call comments on SAWSDL]

Hi Rama, Brahmananda,
I was writing an email to Jonathan to clarify the comment #4 below,
because we noted that in 2.1 we don't use the XML Schema namespace and
the RDF Schema namespace has a correct number of # signs in it.

However, I didn't send the email because, I noticed that the document
defines the prefix xs to map to which
is correct when used in RDF data (e.g. listings 2.2-1, 2.2-2, 2.3-1) 
but incorrect when used for XML Schema elements (e.g. listings 1.2-1,
1.2-2, 3.1-1).

I suggest that we drop the # sign from the binding of prefix xs in 1.1,
introduce a prefix xs2 or something like that with the # sign in it, and
we use xs for the XML version of schema and xs2 for the RDF references.

Best regards,

On Tue, 2006-10-24 at 17:53 +0200, Jacek Kopecky wrote:
> 4) We noticed an error in the example in Section 2.1 of the Usage Guide;
> there is an extra # on the schema namespace.  Perhaps the examples should be
> validated more carefully - namely by submitting them into the WSDL test
> suite ;-).  Not only will that help find errors in the WSDLs, but it will
> also encourage WSDL 2.0 vendors to make sure the annotations are easy to get
> at in their tools.

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