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binding fault property placement inconsistencies

Bug in RPC Signature Extension Schema

Comments on WSDL 2.0 (Core, Adjuncts, Soap 1.1 Binding) from the i18n core wg

Definition of a IANA media type token

describing a service that returns an image/jpg (for example)

editorial comments on WSDL 2 part 2 - adjuncts - last call draft

Editorial: Part 1, Introduction

editorial: part 2 section 2 beginning

Editorial: Part 2, XML Namespace Table

Error in Part 2, BindingFault

First cut at WSDL/SOAP MEP connection text

Interface definition

LC ISSUE: Editorial points

Minor errors in adjunct schema

new section

POST & application/x-www-form-urlencoded serializatin

typo in


What is a valid WSDL component model?

What should be declared as a Fault in a WSDL

WSDL 2: binding defaults not component model properties?

{soap action} granularity

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