RE: Comments on WSDL 2.0 (Core, Adjuncts, Soap 1.1 Binding) from the i18n core wg

Thanks for your comment.  The WS Description Working Group tracked these
issues as Last Call comments LC356 [1], LC357 [2], and LC358 [3]

LC356: In sec. 2.1.2 you write: "The value of the targetNamespace
  information item SHOULD be a dereferenceable IRI (see [IETF RFC
  In sec. you write: "The type of the targetNamespace attribute
  information item is xs:anyURI. Its value MUST be an absolute IRI (see
  [IETF RFC 3987])." Why do you have a SHOULD vs. a MUST? If the SHOULD
  because of "dereferencable", I would propose: "The value of the
  targetNamespace attribute information item MUST be an IRI (see [IETF
  3987]) and SHOULD be dereferenceable."

We agreed to make the change as you suggest.

LC357: In Core: On reference of xs:anyURI: It would be good if you could
  mention that although xs:anyURI allows for IRIs (see LC74a), the
  from IRI to URI in xs:anyURI is currently not defined in terms of IRI.
  This comment relates also for example to the reference of xs:anyURI in
  sec. and sec., and to the Adjuncts specification.

There was some dismay at the prospect of requiring additional mapping
code in every spec that uses IRI and describes it as xs:anyURI.
Mismatches between specs would hinder interop and make implementation
more difficult. We're concerned about specifying the behavior of layers
beneath WSDL at the WSDL layer.  We propose to raise this issue at the
CG.  We did however agree to add the following note:
  Note: The xs:anyURI type is defined so that xs:anyURI values are
  essentially IRIs [RFC 3987]. The conversion from xs:anyURI values to
  actual URI is via an escaping procedure defined by [XLink 1.0], which
  identical in most respects to IRI Section 3.1. For interoperability,
  authors are advised to avoid the characters "<", ">", '"', space, "{",
  "}", "|", "\", "^", and "`", which are allowed by the xs:anyURI type
  disallowed in IRIs.

LC358: Core sec. C.2, Binding sec. 2.4 Some examples need better

We directed the editors to format the examples better.

As we plan to go to CR shortly, if we don't hear from you within 10
days, we will assume this satisfies your concern.


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Dear Web Services Description Working Group,

With this mail I am sending you i18n comments [1] on the WSDL 2.0 WDs  
(Core, Adjuncts, Soap 1.1 Binding). Since I am rather late (please
my appologies), there was no time to get endorsement from the i18n core

wg. So please regard these comments currently as my personal comments.

I am looking forward for you feedback. Best regards,

Felix Sasaki (team contact of the i18n core wg)


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