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Action item for cr23: cr15 resolution nullified cr4 resolution: UPDATED proposed text

Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting 2006-03-20

Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting, March 13, 2006

Agenda, WS-Addressing WG Note time changes and shortened meeting

bridge open again?

Changes for LC112 resolution

Comparing IRIs: anon and none

Congratulations: Core and SOAP are now pr, ror WG note published; Well done everyone.

Core and WSDL binding snapshots to review

Correction to minutes of Feb 20 distributed meeting

CR 23 omnibus

CR namespace warning.

CR optional features status

CR23 resolution?

cr3 suggestion (was Re: Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting, March 13, 2006)

delimiter or not in default fault action example

DestinationUnreachable??? from msft

Draft Minutes 2006-02-20 distributed meeting

Draft Minutes 2006-03-02/03 face to face meeting are available for review at:

Final editorial corrections, SOAP Binding

Infoset ref - second edition?

ISSUE: Where do faults go?

Minutes from the 2006-03-27 distributed meeting are available for review

Minutes, distributed meeting 2006-03-20

Minutes, was Re: Agenda, WS-Addressing distributed meeting, March 13, 2006

mU fault one way test

Next week's meeting

PR drafts comments: typos and WS-Security reference

Proposal for issue CR23


Resolution of LC116

SOAP 1.1 request-optional-response http binding

Specifying cardinality of WSDL Metadata

Testing Results

time changes ..

Typos in SOAP binding spec

Use or abuse of [reply endpoint] property?

W3C Web Services Addressing Working Group - Face to Face meeting agenda Mar 2-3 2006

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