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21 Comments on 9 December WebArch Draft

[closed] Re: Link from translation site

[closed] Re: The Worlds Greatest Vitamin!

Authoritative server metadata

AWWW Last Call Comments

comment on URI and resource ownership in WebArch document


Comments for WD-webarch-20031209

Comments on "Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition"

Comments on 9 December 2003 draft

Comments on Architecture of the World Wide Web, First Edition

Dataweb?: XDI and XRI.

Definition of "Web agents", "URI ownership" and typo

Editorial comments on Dec 2003 WD of webarch

editorial/organizational comment

Fwd: Auto: autoreply

Initial Feedback on Web Arch W-D

Please don't point to as yet empty Issues


Recommended good practice on Namespace documents does not say "definitive"

Schedule for RFC2396bis

Simplify the text and separate the W3C politics


Webarch conformance model

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