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Re: Simplify the text and separate the W3C politics

From: Paul Cotton <pcotton@microsoft.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:10:46 -0800
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Thank you for your comment:
on the TAG's "The Architecture of the World Wide Web" Working Draft 9 December 2003.

The TAG discussed your comment at a recent meeting and I am answering on behalf of the TAG.

> The document could be split into a smaller one which just describes 
> the architecture and a larger one which gives the explanation and 
> justification.

The TAG has worked hard to find the correct balance on how large the "Architecture of the World Wide Web" WD should be.  This WD and several previous versions have followed the principle that the document should not be just a point-form architecture specification but that it should contain sufficient motivating examples that the reader has no trouble understanding the rational for the architectural principals in the document.

The TAG has been very careful to NOT include all the text from its various Findings that are referenced by the WD.  In fact the TAG has followed the practice of effectively writing a précis of any Finding and then including only that shorter write up in the WD.

In summary the TAG continues to feel that it has found the correct balance on the material that is in the WD versus that which is in the Findings.  As such we are not going to change the document as you have requested.

Please let us know if you are satisfied by this response to the issue that you raised.


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