Comments for WD-webarch-20031209


These are minor editorial comments for your Last Call "Architecture
of the World Wide Web" Working Draft [1].

s/Internet Media Type/Internet media type/
s/a W3C XML Schema/a W3C XML schema/ (except when talking about the
   spec by name)
s/Post Schema Validation Infoset/post-schema-validation infoset/
s/vice-versa/vice versa/ (unless this is some fancy hyphenation I have
   never seen)

In references, IANA's registries can be referred to by name:
s/online registry of URI Schemes/Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) SCHEMES/
   or else, online registry of URI schemes (no cap)
s/online registry of Internet Media Types/MIME Media Types/


Best wishes for your project,
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Received on Sunday, 29 February 2004 12:24:45 UTC