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Re: New proposal: health & medical extensions to Marc Twagirumukiza (Monday, 29 April) Spotlight on Library Innovation Wallis,Richard (Monday, 29 April)

Re: Searching for LOV responsibles : the Drake equation Bernard Vatant (Friday, 26 April)

1st Call for Papers - International Workshop on "Crowdsourcing the Semantic Web" (CrowdSem2013) at ISWC2013 Elena Simperl (Wednesday, 24 April)

CfP: 1st Intl. Workshop on Digital Preservation of Research Methods and Artefacts Raul Palma (Tuesday, 23 April)

RE: webschema-ISSUE-13 (Describing Real Estate): should document how best to describe Real Estate [Feedback on] Patty Plourde (Sunday, 21 April)

[Ann] preview release of RDFaCE special edition for Ali Khalili (Monday, 15 April)

Accessibility Metadata Draft Proposal Submission Lisa Mattson (Monday, 15 April) Levene, Mark (Friday, 12 April)

schemas for representing buying guides David Marin (Saturday, 13 April)

Trying to mark up news items with Giorgio Marrale (Wednesday, 10 April) proposal for extending Thing Raj Singh (Tuesday, 9 April)

more schema Paola Di Maio (Saturday, 6 April) 1.0a revision: LRMI, Datasets, Audience, Technical Publishing vocabulary and more. Dan Brickley (Friday, 5 April)

Offer data in separate places in HTML (Wednesday, 3 April)

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