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New W3C Mail List - Test the Web Forward! Rebecca Hauck (Wednesday, 19 December)

[Bug 20393] New: Problems advancing tests with the new interface and Safari/iOS (Friday, 14 December)

Testing Web IDL Usage Arthur Barstow (Friday, 7 December)

Re: Helping new test authors at TestTWF submit their tests James Graham (Wednesday, 28 November)

Re: Opera's SSE Tests on GitHub [Was: <different topic>] James Graham (Tuesday, 27 November)

RE: getting your tests into browser test framework Larry Masinter (Monday, 12 November)

Fwd: Agenda for the Browser Testing and Tools WG meeting, TPAC (Monday) Wilhelm Joys Andersen (Monday, 29 October)

Re: Browser Automation Working Group at TPAC. Wilhelm Joys Andersen (Friday, 26 October)

[Bug 19689] New: Reenable automatic results submission (Wednesday, 24 October)

[Bug 19688] New: Strange duplicate files (Wednesday, 24 October)

gathering HTTP and URI / URL / IRI tests Larry Masinter (Wednesday, 24 October)

Support files James Graham (Friday, 19 October)

[Bug 19577] New: Documentation of "GET sections-for-suite/:suiteID" incomplete (Wednesday, 17 October)

[Bug 19576] New: Allowed named dynamic bundle of test cases (Wednesday, 17 October)

[Bug 19575] New: Find test cases linked to a given spec or spec section (Wednesday, 17 October)

Re: Proposed policy change: reusability of tests by other browsers James Graham (Thursday, 11 October)

Registration for Test the Web Forward Paris is now open! Rebecca Hauck (Thursday, 4 October)

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