Re: Support files

On Oct 19, 2012, at 6:47 AM, James Graham wrote:

> It is mildly annoying that it's not clear what support files (video, audio, image, etc.) files exist, especially because of the current system where tests are copied around, so relative urls to files outside of a single submission are likely to break.
> It would be nice to fix this in two ways:
> 1) Create a repository like "support" that could be put at the top level, much like resources, allowing links like /support/images/pass.png to work.

While there are a bunch of commonly used support files, there are also a significant number of one-off support files used only by a single test. Putting those into a separate repository isn't exactly ideal either.

> 2) Stop moving files around in repositories and track code review other than through position in the filesystem hierarchy.

Like Shepherd?

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