RE: getting your tests into browser test framework

I think I heard from Philippe that perhaps W3C could help set up a server (with wildcard DNS entry) for testing? 
Or is there some other kind of instrumentation we could use in the browser to test URL parsing?

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> On 10/27/2012 8:04 AM, Larry Masinter wrote:
> > I've been making only a little bit of progress getting tests for
> > URI/IRI parsing and relative handling into the W3C test framework.
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> > Chris, it looks like you're into the webkit test framework for URI
> > testing?
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> > Could you spend a little time with me helping set up the test
> > framework to read your .xml file?
> Hi Larry, I've looked into the W3C Testing Interest Group you pointed
> out, as well as the testharness.js.  It seems that in order to
> contribute something, I should get the test cases into JSON format, and
> convert the Web server I have into PHP to run on their systems.
> I've read through some of the testing requirements at
> be_available_through_different_domain_names
> And even though they have a requirement for multi-domain DNS support,
> e.g. and, they really only have a few
> subdomains.  To test IRIs it would be most useful to have a DNS
> wildcard, so that we can use the subdomain label to test various things
> like non-ASCII text, mixed text, punycode conversions,
> percent-encodings, etc.  But other than that I think their system could
> work.
> Is this where the tests would end up living:
> I like the looks of the setup, and it seems that they're storing data in
> a database, similar to Browerscope, which is great, and how I was doing
> it in my lab.  But, they only track rendering 'engine' name (e.g.
> Webkit, Gecko, Trident, Presto), rather than the name plus version.
> Right now I'm looking into testharness.js, and trying to get familiar
> with it and how URI/IRI testing could fit there.  Does it sound like I'm
> looking at the right thing?
> -Chris

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