Re: Helping new test authors at TestTWF submit their tests

On 11/28/12 4:10 AM, ext Michael[tm] Smith wrote:
> James Graham <>, 2012-11-28 10:01 +0100:
>> I think for HTML and WebApps you have to be a group member to have push
>> access. But I am not 100% sure. Added public-test-infra to the CC so that
>> Mike Smith can tell me that I'm talking nonsense.
> HTML and WebApps WG members automatically have push access to the test
> repos for the groups, but we can also add perms for people individually for
> any repo, as long as they have W3C user accounts.

Hi Rebecca,

Speaking of WebApps and testing, WebApps' #PubStatus page includes some 
information about the testing status of each spec and you'll notice some 
specs have no tests at all.

If someone wants to contribute tests for any of WebApps' specs, I 
recommend they contact the group via the 
list (#Archive), or me privately if they prefer.

-Thanks, Art

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