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[SOAP-JMS] Minutes 2008-09-16

[SOAP-JMS] minutes for 2008-09-09

ACTION-26 redux / More updates to testcases.xml and .xsl

ACTION-26: Incorporate changes to testcases.xml brought up during weekly call

ACTION-29 Write up a proposal to differentiate JNDI connection properties in the URI and WSDL

ACTION-30 - ways to support TextMessage

ACTION-31(Create an additional view showing all the features and which test cases exercise the feature) is finished

ACTION-34: write up specific proposal on how to support TextMessage

Agenda for 2008-09-02

Agenda for 2008-09-09

Agenda for 2008-09-16

Agenda for 2008-09-23

Agenda for 2008-09-30


Do we need an Action 22A ? - Arbitrary JMS property expression in WSDL ?

Good standing indeed! (regrets for tomorrow)

Minutes 2008-09-02

Minutes 2008-09-30

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Notes about URI scheme

Open items...

Proposed resolution to Action-33: revision to URI scheme for queue and topic schemes

Regrets for 20008-09-23

Regrets for Tuesday

request for document review: XSD 1.1 by the SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group

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