ACTION-31(Create an additional view showing all the features and which test cases exercise the feature) is finished

Hi everyone,
I've completed ACTION-31.      I added a new directory under the main 
testcase documentation directory called "assertions" and it contains a 
summary of all the assertions in the SOAP/JMS spec along with links to the 
assertions in the spec.    In addition, for each assertion, there is a 
list of testcases which test that assertion, with each testcase name being 
a link to the definition of that testcase.    The "assertions.html" file 
is built from the spec's soapjms.xml source file using the 
"assertions.xsl" transform. 

These changes have been committed in CVS and you can view them here:  
Note that the main testcase documentation page is here:

I think we have the following to-do items with regard to the testcase 
1) The main page ( 
needs to be edited to remove references to WS-Addressing and to bring it 
more in line with SOAP/JMS.   I'm not sure how this page should be worded, 
but I bet someone else in the group does :)
2) I wouldn't mind if someone with some HTML and CSS experience took a 
look at the various HTML files that make up the testcase documentation and 
the associated testsuite.css file, and made changes to "spiff up" the 
appearance of the pages a little more.    The changes would need to be 
made to the .xsl and .css files.
3) Now that we have all this under change control (CVS), I think we can 
all start to contribute testcase definitions.
Perhaps these to-do items should become action items in our next call???

Phil Adams 
WebSphere Development - Web Services
IBM Austin, TX
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Received on Thursday, 18 September 2008 08:25:02 UTC