Do we need an Action 22A ? - Arbitrary JMS property expression in WSDL ?

Derek raised the issue on custom jndi parameters, which are expressly
for the client JNDI runtime, and do not propagate in the requestIRI.
We've also talked about customers that desire an ability to communicate
custom properties in the JMS exchange that are not in the SOAP payload.
Last weeks conclusion was that our current URI spec allows custom URI
parameters to be passed in the requestIRI, and that this mechanism could
provide a means to do that - the receiving application could parse the
requestIRI to obtain the properties.
There might be another mechanism that might be more JMS friendly and
that allows arbitrary JMS headers to be set (by WSDL extension only, not
I seem to recollect a conversation where someone had encountered a
customers that has asked about this.
The reason that I'm bringing this back is a thinking on the use case of
interaction with a legacy SOAP/JMS implementation.
What do people think ?
Here's a snippet showing the jmsProperty extension plus Derek's proposed
jndiProperty extension:

<soapjms:jndiProperty name="" value="true" />
<soapjms:jndiProperty name=""
value="traceTrades.trc" />
<soapjms:jmsProperty name="Department" value="Sell" type="xs:string"/>
<wsdl11soap11:address location="jms:jndi:SampleQ1/>

Note, we would need to place limitations on what Java types can be used
when setting JMS properties - e.g. retrict to simple types, or to just


Received on Thursday, 25 September 2008 21:41:48 UTC