ACTION-26 redux / More updates to testcases.xml and .xsl

Hi everyone,
I'm attaching an updated zip file containing the testcase definitions. I 
made a few corrections to testcases.xml to fix some XML syntax errors.  
I've also updated the testcases.xsl file some and have generated the 
resulting HTML (testcases.html).  To do that, I cobbled together a simple 
java program to drive the calls to the xalan APIs to do the xslt 
transform.   I think there's still some work to be done in the 
testcases.xsl file, but it's a good start.      Take a peek at the HTML 
output and let me know what you think.


Phil Adams 
WebSphere Development - Web Services
IBM Austin, TX
office: (512) 838-6702  (tie-line 678-6702)
mobile: (512) 750-6599

Received on Saturday, 6 September 2008 17:35:54 UTC