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I would say that Eric has put together a good summation. 


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Just because I was going crazy trying to keep this all clear in my head,
I pulled together items from a variety of email threads.  It might be
presumptive of me to think that this might identify the topics for our
next meeting....

  * TextMessage - how do we support it?
    - What I think we've agreed on:
      * Clients can send either TextMessage or BytesMessage [1]
      * In a request/response MEP the response MUST match the message
        format of the request [1]
      * No changes needed to URI scheme [1]
    - Open issues
      * What do we need to say about TextMessages, attachments, and
        base64 encoding? (no reference - just noticed this)
      * Do we standardize in a WSDL how to flag use of TextMessage?
        yes [3], or no [1]
  * Is WSDL portion of specification normative? [2]
    - whatever the collective decision, text needs to be improved
      for clarity of our intent
  * What changes do we want for the URI spec?
    - Agreed upon changes:
      * Suggestions from Alfred H (no URL).
    - Open items:
      * Update proposal [6] for queue & topic variants - how to address
        reply address? Also eliminate "context" variant. (action from
        weekly call)
  * Specifying additional JNDI parameters, [4] & [5]
    - Should these JNDI items go into the URI? [7]
    - Do we need to worry about non-String JNDI values? Answer - don't
      think so.
  * Do we want to allow for setting arbitrary JMS headers? [8]



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