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ACTION-94: disambiguation interface for well-known entities identifier

Comments on R2RML draft

Direct Mapping issues

example SQL mapping to direct graph

ISSUE-10 (hash-vs-slash): Hash vs Slash [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-11 (pk-is-fk): Primary Key is a Candidate Key [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-12 (hier-table): Hierarchical Tables [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-13 (fk-pk-order): Foreign Key and Primary Key rearrangement [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-14 (many-to-many): Many-to-Many tables [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-15 (formalism): Formalism [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-16 (subjectMap cardinality): Should we allow multiple subjects for a logical table row? Also, what if no subject is specified? [R2RML]

ISSUE-17 (R2RML Mapping for a given ontology): R2RML Mapping of a database schema to a given ontology [Use Case and Requirements Document]

ISSUE-7 (linked-data): Linked Data aspects for mapping RDB2RDF [R2RML]

ISSUE-8 (curlies): Escaping ‚??{‚?? and ‚??}‚?? in templates [R2RML]

ISSUE-9 (bn_directmapping): Generate Blank Nodes for duplicate tuples [Direct Mapping]

ISSUE-9 Another question about Generate Blank Nodes

Minutes from January 11 Telcon

Minutes of the 2010-01-18 telcon for the RDF2RDF WG

Minutes of the 2010-01-25 telcon for the RDF2RDF WG

Partial R2RML Implementation

R2RML - escaping "{" and "}"

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-01-11 meeting 1700 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-01-18 meeting 1700 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-01-25 meeting 1700 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2011-02-01 meeting 1700 UTC

Request for RDB2RDF mappings

Semtech 2011 Proposal

SQL in R2RML mappings

Test cases accepted so far

Test cases to check

Test Cases wiki page updated

tracker protocol tutorial?

Who is going to be at Semtech?

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