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On Jan 5, 2011, at 16:47 , Juan Sequeda wrote:

> Happy New Year everybody!!

You too, Juan! Based on your facebook entries you seem to have had a great time around Xmas:-)

> I just updated the wiki with the Semtech proposal:

Thanks. I wonder whether we should not find some more 'catchy' title. 'Standard methods to map RDB-s to RDF' or something similar.

> These are the guidelines that I was following:
> Open questions:
> 1) Who is actually going to speak? I assume we need one speaker for each document. Or maybe Ivan can give the talk.

I can make the talk, although I already submitted a tutorial and an RDFa talk, so people may be bored by my face (provided those are accepted, that is). Another possibility would be Michael as co-chair of the group (it is soooo easy to volounteer others, right?)

> 2) Who is the intended audience?

Mainly techies.



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