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[agenda] Teleconf Thu Feb 6

[agenda] Tue Feb 20 teleconf

[agenda] Tue Feb 20 teleconf (cancelled)

[agenda] Tue Feb 27 teleconf

[minutes] Tue 27 Feb Teleconf

[minutes] Tue Feb 8 Teleconf

Conference Call on February 13

Conference Call Tomorrow

CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 survey

DOM Test Suite evaluation

Feedback sought on open testing framework for the Mobile Web


Matrix of Mobile Web Test suites

Notes on using the CSS Mobile Profile Test Suite from a mobile device

OMA's XHTML MP and WCSS Test suites now open to everyone

Preliminary report on XHTML MP test suite

Proposed roadmap of deliverables

Proposed survey for mobile web developers

Report on CSS Mobile Profile TS

Research on existing test cases submission/management system

SVG Tiny 1.1/1.2 Test Suite Survey

WICD 1.0 Test Suite Survey

XHTML Basic Test Suite survey

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