SVG Tiny 1.1/1.2 Test Suite Survey


Here is data for SVG Tiny 1.2 and SVG 1.1 (Full/Basic/Tiny)

*Specification:* SVG Tiny 1.2 (

*Test Suite:* N/A


Test suite is under development. The testsuite will be composed of:

    1. SVG 1.1 tests, converted to SVG Tiny 1.2
    2. Test contributions from implementors, converted to the SVG WG test format
    3. Additional tests created as required based on an analysis of test 
coverage of the specification.

*Coverage:* N/A

*Test assertions:* N/A

*Documentation:* N/A

*Test harness:* N/A

*Public Availability:* N/A

*License:* N/A

SVG Tiny 1.2 now is in Candidate Recommendation state and test suite for this 
specification is under development. So, current analysis could be approximated 
from data for SVG 1.1 Test Suite.


SVG 1.1 (Full) Test Suite includes SVG Tiny 1.1 (Cell phones) /SVG Basic 1.1 
(PDA). Besides there are the number of tests specific for full profile.

SVG 1.1 (, SVG Basic and SVG Tiny 1.1 

*Test Suite:*

*Status:* Stable, last update 12/13/06


Number of tests (Full/Basic/Tiny): 275/256/152
Assertion coverage is undefined

*Test assertions:*

Tests links to the chapter of the specification under test.


Test cases include the documentation that has
1. test name
2. link to the charapter of the specification (Basic and Tiny tests refer to 
full version of the spec)
3. SVG and PNG images that need to be compared by sight
4. Short description explains the conditions
5. Detailed description that explains what you can see on the pictures and why.

*Test harness:*

Two test harnesses are available
1. frame-based harness, with the reference PNG and the test SVG presented side 
by side, together with instructions (for browser implementations and plug-ins) 
(harnesses for Basic and Tiny)
2. an SVG-based harness which uses the SVG image element to include the actual 
test, and provides navigation links.

*Public Availability:* Publicly available through http. Suite may be downloaded 
also in zip archive, but it does not contain harness.

*Maintenance process:* Feedback on the tests and suggestions for new tests may 
be sent to

*License:* W3C

Test suite is well organized. But it contain the interactive tests only.

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