OMA's XHTML MP and WCSS Test suites now open to everyone


Thanks to the efforts of people both at OMA and W3C, the test suites
that have been developed by the Interop groups in OMA for XHTML MP 1.1
and WCSS have been released for public consumption!

You need to agree to the non-Members licensing terms to get access to
the test suites at:

I haven't had the time to review these test suites yet; as part of my
action to review the XHTML Basic/MP test suite, I'll get  a closer look
to that one, but I think we need to also action someone to look at the
WCSS test suite and see how it compares to the CSS Mobile Profile one
(from W3C).

Part of this also requires a close look at the licensing terms, to see
if we could re-use these tests as part of our re-packaging efforts.


Received on Monday, 19 February 2007 09:45:14 UTC