Proposed survey for mobile web developers


As I alluded to last week, I'm proposing to send out a survey open to
everybody (and advertized on various W3C public pages and mailing lists,
and to some visible bloggers in the Mobile Web community) to gather
feedback and suggestions on our idea of developing an open framework for
testing authoring practices for the Mobile Web.

Here is the text of the proposed survey - it will rely on W3C
questionnaire system (WBS) once we actually send it out).

Please send corrections and feedback before tomorrow teleconf; my goal
is to have this proposal reviewed and approved during our call, and
starting to send it out Wed or Thu.



* Introduction

The recently started Mobile Web Initiative Test Suites Working Group is
seeking public feedback on one of its proposed deliverables : an open
testing framework for mobile web user agents.

The overall goal of such a framework would be to allow the community to
understand better how user agents available today react to various
authoring practices (CSS tricks, javascript compatibility, advanced
markup techniques, etc).

To that end, the Test Suites Working Group is looking at setting up a
framework that would allow:
* anybody to submit test cases that they think would help assess support
of a specific technical point in user agents; a few groups and
individuals have already started to collect some of these tests cases,
and the Working Group would like to serve as a point of collection and
development for these
* anybody to submit test results based on the above mentioned test cases
* anybody to consult the statistical results posted by the community;
these could hopefully lead at the creation of compatibility tables as
some have been developed in the "desktop browser" world

The Working Group would review, select and possibly amend the test cases
submissions to produce a blessed test suite that would get most of the
focus, but may still hosts the other test cases in case they would help
a more restricted community.

* Feedback sought

Given the possibly big amount of work needed to set up the
infrastructure to make this project successful, the Working Group would
like to get feedback on whether such a framework would be a useful
addition to the mobile Web developers community, as well as to know
whether a sufficiently high number of persons from the community would
be likely to contribute to such a system.

While you're not making any commitment by saying you would be
interested, please note that if you do so, we're likely to contact you
in the future when the item you have checked is being developed.

[ ] I would likely use the results gathered by such a system in my
development work
[ ] I would likely submit test cases to such a system to help identify
interoperability issues in mobile web user agents
[ ] I would likely submit test results of the test cases made available
to help charter a better understanding of the current user agents
[ ] I would be interested in reviewing and selecting test cases
submitted by others

* Test sources

If you know of existing suites of tests that could be relevant to this
effort and could potentially be integrated in such a framework, please
give pointers to these below:
[                                               ]
[                                               ]
[                                               ]

* Comments and suggestions

Please share any comments and suggestions you may have on this project:
[                                               ]
[                                               ]
[                                               ]



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